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Gluten Free treats made in San Francisco.

Packaging + Illustration + Motion Graphics

illustration iterations

It’s time for change.

We love when we get a call from Sweet Sydney’s – it’s a guaranteed tasty visit, every time. These cookies are so amazingly delicious, you wouldn’t believe they were gluten free. If Sweet Sydney’s has such incredible cookies, then why bother changing the look of the packaging? Well…

The owner decided it was time for new packaging materials since the original plastic, non-recyclable tubes were producing sticky results, literally. Cookies were getting smushed and sticking together, which did not provide the cookie-loving consumer with an all around gratifying experience.

The Sweet Sydney’s cookies found their new home in a gable style, lightweight cardboard box, allowing far more room for information and graphics than the brand identity required. For the client, a problem needing to be solved, yet a dream come true for our team!

We embraced the oportunity to take the original visual identity of Sweet Sydney’s to another level. Our goal was to maintain the key identifiers of the brand, that Sweet Sydney’s fans still connected with, while maturing the overall design.

Handmade in SF.

Our intention to mature the packaging design was two-fold:
[one:] create a hand-made feel [two:] present a local SF vibe.

The client came to us with a fascination for chalkboard themed designs, which easily inspired chalk-styled illustrations. And boy were those fun to conjure up! These vintage baking tools were just the right fit for the Sweet Sydney’s brand and for the new box.

San Francisco is home to both Sweet Sydney’s and Monella Designs, fueling the passion to create something nostalgic with an artistic edge. During our creative brainstorm, we saw a photo of Sydney toting a cart of cookies on her bicycle, with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background — light bulb! This is the perfect way to tell the Sweet Sydney’s story. With a dash of Illustrative and Design skill, the graphic really turned into something beautiful and well-suited.

illustration iterations
Ginger Snap Box
Other Flavors

Bring it to life.

The Sydney artwork was such a hit, it could not be left alone, so we brought it to life with some simple motion graphics effects and customized bicycle sounds. Look out! It’s the new San Francisco treat!